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Stat Staffing is here to connect you with the medical providers that align with your specific skill set. Our application process is broken down into two steps, online application and medical forms, to make getting started easy.

Our 2 step process

Online Application

Tell us about yourself to start the hiring process.

Medical & Tax Forms

Complete these forms, then email or drop them off.

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Online Application

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Medical & Tax Forms

Now, please print off our Medical and Tax Forms.

The Medical Forms include 1 document with 3 forms. Work with your physician to complete these forms.

The Tax Forms include IRS forms I-9 and W-4. Please complete pages 4 & 6.

Upon completion, kindly email them to us at the address shown on the form or drop them by our office.


Thank You! We'll reach out to you shortly regarding staffing opportunities.

As you wait, please complete your Medical Forms.