Medical professional with patient taking blood presure

Our Mission

Provide top rated medical professional staffing to our clients so unmatched care reaches our shared patients.

About Stat Staffing

Stat Staffing LLC was Founded in 2015 by Brandi Wright, RN, BSN. With a passion for helping others, Brandi was called to the medical field in 1991 and has not looked back since. The same passion that called Brandi is what now drives Stat Staffing as a premier staffing service within the industry.

Brandi Wright, Owner of Stat Staffing, at her desk

“Providing the best for our employees and clients ensures patients receive the best care possible.”

Stat Staffing is located in Oshkosh, Nebraska and connects medical professionals to facilities throughout the region. With a strong understanding of ever changing federal guidelines, we continue to adjust and grow to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. 

Stat Staffing’s experience and forward thinking keeps them on the forefront of providing the best in medical staffing services.  

Meet Our Team

of amazing healthcare professionals

Brandi Wright, Owner of Stat Staffing
Brandi Wright, BSN, RN
Kyle Thompson
Chief Financial Officer
Tracy Rotter, CNA
Manager of Clinical Operations
Alexander Thompson, CNA
Shianne Thompson, CNA
In loving memory of Osmund Mark and Shianne "Madi" Thompson